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Rapid Sinter Pressing

Single Segment Sinter Pressing is a technology used in the diamond cutting tool industry. RHP sees a big potential for this technology in a wide range of future products and focuses within its research studio austria on further necessary development of this process and equipment to reach goals in producing new functional materials and evolution of this technology capable for materials sensitive to oxygen or the need of high processing temperatures exceeding on-the-market solutions.

RSP uses a permanently heated steel tool. The sample, which is precompacted in an automated cold press, is put into the hot die and sintered/compacted for 10 - 90 seconds. This procedure results in extremely high heating rates within the sample and a cycle time of seconds before the sintered sample is ejected and optionally quenched. We are looking forward to innovative ideas and realize your product within this fast and economic technology!

Typical Process Parameters:

Heating rate: 2000 - 6000 K/min
Cooling rate: 1000 - 5000 K/min (quenching possible)
Max. temperature: 1000° C
Mech. pressure: 200 MPa
Atmospheres: air (not protected)