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Powder injection moulding (PIM)

Our team offers experience, knowledge and support in ceramic injection moulding (CIM) and metal injection moulding (MIM), starting from powder selection and handling via feedstock manufacturing, pressing or injection moulding, debinding technologies and sintering processes to post processing and surface finishing.

Powder injection moulding for ceramics and metals is the technology to choose for highly complex parts to be produced in large quantities. Integrative design and the reduction of milling, grinding, drilling, polishing or joining steps makes PIM an economically extremely effective manufacturing technology.


For PIM parts the precision and reproducability as well as the surface quality are excellent. The complexity of the parts is realized without the need of machining or welding.

There are innovative ways to reduce initial tooling costs to compete for small and medium series at reasonable investment. This is also extremely important when we develop new processes for our customers, who are often interested in prototypes or a small number of first test samples.

For special applications and materials, RHP-Technology is also available for in-house feedstock development. This means we can support your R&D and ideas to create new material compositions through the whole process chain.

Today many industries rely on the unique advantages of PIM and keep staying ahead in a highly competitive environment.

Our industrial scale combined debinding and sintering furnace is also available for “on demand” sintering  where customers can provide their green parts for final debinding & sintering.

The debinding and sintering device is equipped with laminar gas flow, which guarantees a high reproducibility.  The gas management system consists of mass flow controllers for the retort and hot zone, and a partial pressure valve. An additional feature is the operation at high vacuum (diffusion pump) and the fast cooling unit which is especially relevant for cost efficient production.


Key Figures of Debinding & Sintering Furnace:

Heating rate: 1 - 15 K/min
Cooling rate/fast cooling system: 1 - 10 K/min  /   10 - 25 K/min
Max. temperature: 1650° C
Atmospheres: Ar, N2, H2, N2/H2 controlled atmosphere between 10 and 900 mbars
Vacuum Sintering: high vacuum down to 10-5 mbar