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Conventional Hot Pressing

Conventional Hot pressing is a state of the art technology used for the manufacturing of high performance materials. This technology is frequently used for the manufacturing of various materials which are difficult to prepare via liquid phase processing or which are not sufficiently densified by using powder technology such as pressing and sintering. Materials such as pure nitrides, carbides, oxides or borides with densities close to 100 % of the theoretical density are examples.

The productivity of the conventional hot pressing is characterized by a cycle time of several hours (typically >6 hours or >12 hours for hot pressing at temperatures up to 2,200° C), but a good loading capacity. Like in a batch furnace it is possible to produce several pieces within one run - this makes this technology competeable. 

Our technicum offers a variety of heating and hot pressing technologies you can find in the general overview.


Typical Process Parameters:

Heating rate: 10 - 20 K/min
Cooling rate: 10 - 20 K/min
Max. temperature: 2200° C
Mech. pressure: 30 MPa
Atmospheres: Vac, Ar, N2, H2, N2/H2                                                  
Typical cycle: > 6 hrs