Nano-Engineering Group

Laszlo Sajti

Dr. Laszlo Sajti

Head of Nanoengineering Group
02255 20600 - 310

Main research interests of the Nano-Tech Group are the development and application of new materials and process technologies enabling the targeted improvement of material properties towards the design and production of innovative implants and implant-coatings based on both metallic and polymeric materials. In this context, the team collaborates closely with leading national and international research institutions and companies covering both permanent and biodegradable implants.

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Jelena Horky

Mag. Dr. Jelena Horky

Senior Scientist
02255 20600

Ultra-fine grained materials by Severe Plastic Deformation: properties & structure

Corrosion of absorbable Mg alloys.

Mechanical properties of metals: tension, compression, hardness, fatigue, crack growth

ECAP processing for improved mechanical properties

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