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Hot Pressing & Services

Rapid Hot Pressing

We use machines with inductive and direct heating for rapid consolidation with heating rates of 100 - 300 K/minute. Our direct heating technology is also known as SPS - Spark Plasma Sintering or FAST - Field Assisted Sintering. The advantage of our machine is the large manufacturing electrode size of 350 x 350 mm and a processing height of 400 mm.
rapid hot pressing

Rapid Sinter Pressing

Cycle times of less than a minute can be realized by this technique through pressure assisted sintering at temperatures up to 1000° C of a cold precompacted sample. rapid sinter pressing

Conventional Hot Pressing

More than 2500 cycles and still standig strong - our conventional hot press has consolidated more than 500 different materials and compositions. Pressure assisted sintering is one of the smartest ways to consolidate powders and mixtures, which do not spontaneously sinter themselves. Our staff helps you to do so. conventional hot pressing

Sinter HIP

Hot isostatic pressing of already sintered, but not fully dense samples is used for post compaction. The applied gas pressure of up to 100 bars allows isostatic sintering and removing residual porosity, e.g. for cemented carbides. We can run Ar, N2, H2 atmospheres or vacuum.

High Vacuum Sintering Furnace

This furnace offers a molybdenum heater for carbon free sintering atmosphere and can be operated under hydrogen, nitrogen, forming gas or argon as well as high vacuum (10-5 mbar)

Cold pressing, Debinding and Sintering

We operate machines for cold pressing (manual and automatic presses), debinding and sintering. Our debinding and sintering furnaces typically operate between 500°C and 1.600°C in various atmospheres.

Machining and Workshop

We are equipped with a workshop for EDM machining, spark erosion, milling, grinding etc.. Our R&D services do not only involve material and process development, but also manufacturing prototypes and first series for you to qualify the new product directly in your own equippment.