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Material Development


Selected Highlights from our Material Development:

  • Solid lubricant composites for space applications
  • High performance thermal management materials
  • Nanomaterial reinforced metals for enhanced mechanical properties
  • Wear resistant cutting, drilling and grinding tools
  • Sputtering targets e.g. for hard coatings

RHP is a spin-off from the Austrian Research Centers in Seibersdorf (today AIT Austrian Institute of Technology). In-house research and development in materials produced by powder technology is investigated by our team since 1994 when the first hot pressing machine was installed in Seibersdorf.

Scientific excellence, extensive processing know-how, well-founded technological understanding and creative ideas are the essentials for successful and straight forward development on innovative new materials.

We support your ideas and R&D work with customized material development, feasibility studies and contract research.

Within the past 15 years we have processed and worked on more than 500 different compositions and every week we address new challenges.

The variety of materials covers pure metals to ceramics and composites/compounds including precious metals, oxides, nitrides, carbides, borides, sulfides etc.

Metals Borides Nitrides Carbides Oxides Composite Materials
W TiB2 TiN TiC Al2O3 Diamond-Metal Composites
Ti ZrB2 TaN SiC ZrO2 Ti Metal Matrix Composites
Nb CrB2 AlN WC Ta2O5 Nanomaterial reinforced MMC
Ru B4C HfO2 Compound materials
Mo Nb2O5 Selflubricating MMC