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Innovative Sintering Technologies

RHP-Technology's focus is on future innovative sintering technologies to further optimize processing times and invent new production routes for high performance materials. In this direction we established an Austrian Research Studio, funded by the Austrian Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft FFG, with its focus on the assessment and systematic analysis of innovative techniques for rapid consolidation of advanced materials under the names RHP and RSP respectively. The latter technology is going to be pushed towards higher processing temperatures and opening this technology to a wide range of advanced materials and markets.

For these recently developed technologies, we see ourselves as an international demonstration and competence center for companies to test for their specific applications and products on these processes.

There is a trend in P/M to use accelerated processing technologies to manufacture high performance materials leading to "new" technologies rising througout the market. Single Segment Sinterpressing is one promising technology currently only used in the diamond cutting tool industry. RHP sees a big potential for this technology in a wide range of future products and focuses in this studio on further necessary development of this process and equipment to reach goals in new functional materials and evolution of this technology capable for materials sensitive to oxygen or the need of high processing temperatures exceeding on-the-market solutions.

The goal of this studio is to investigate the direct heated hot pressing technology for increased processing temperatures (up to 2400° C) and up-scaled geometries (electrode size is 350 x 350 mm). This is significantly reducing the process time and opens a wide field of materials and applications. Within the studio three mayor heating techniques are compared and given access to for industry partners.


Selection on actual research projects on material and technology development:

RSA Rapid Hot Pressing: SPS/FAST direct heated hot pressing
RSA Rapid Sinter Pressing: RSP technology for ultrafast sintering