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RHP Sputtering Targets:




Since more than 10 years, we offer small and medium series of target production.


Our sputtering targets find applications in hard and super hard coatings, magnetic, optical and functional coatings.

RHP-Technology past years developments include more than 500 materials and material compositions like

  • Oxide-ceramic targets like Nb2O5, Ta2O5, HfO2, SiOx
  • Electrical conductivity improved ceramics
  • Boron based targets including isotope enriched with B10, B11
  • Carbide targets like B4C, SiC, HfC, WC
  • Targets for hard coatings including cemented carbides, TiB2...
  • Compound targets such as complex borides like AlMgB14
  • Targets of refactory metals like Mo, W and alloys
  • Metals of the platinum group such as Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium targets

and many more...

Contact us with your specific request!

Our technologies and know-how allowe to produce compound targets and directly bonding your target material to the required backing plates during manufacturing within our hot press.

For individual composition we offer our product line targets on demand to be flexible in composition, processing, microstructure and geometry.

We also offer bonding of the targets to metal backing plates.

Not only when using expensive target materials, saving the environment and recycling gets very important.
RHP-Technology runs research projects on this topic and we offer recycling of sputtering targets to our customers.