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Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics exhibit high performance functional properties like electrical conductivity (e.g. for DC sputtering or EDM-machinability), enhanced mechanical behavior, improved thermal conductivity or customized dopant concentrations.

RHP-Technology offers a broad variety of semifinished ceramic plates made of various materials such as nitrides (e.g. Si3N4, AlN...), carbides (B4C, WC, SiC...) or complex borides (TiB2, AlMgB14, LaB6...).




AlN with 300 mm diameter (left)
B10 enriched boron cylinder (right) 




Ceramic soldered to steel (left)
Advanced SiC bonded to Copper-diamond, modelling by CERN (right)




TiB2 tube target for laser deposition (left)
Boron carbide plates, also special geometries available (right)