for Space

We love to develop new materials and products for space and we are really successful. Starting with contracts by the European space agency (ESA) several years ago, we can already present flying products in the orbit. This includes pressure boards in each of the nearly 1000 satellites in the OneWeb constellation and many core parts for ion-propulsion systems.

With this background and flight heritage, we look forward to also support your ambitions project in space!

Cubesat Parts

We are working on various components for developing cube sat parts.

DiaCool 4 Space

DiaCOOL materials are being used as advanced heat sinks, heat slugs, or base plates to provide …

Mini Sat Parts

Components for Satellite Propulsion Systems

Applications Showroom

Ti64 Bauteil - Spiegel/Sensor Halterung ATHENA Projekt

ESA X-Ray Eye

One day this might become the ‘eye’ of ESA’s ATHENA X-ray telescope

Neutron Absorbers

The material can be modified to become electrically conductive.

Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

UHTCs Materials for specific high temperature application are typically selected based on the …

Nano scale High Performance Metals

ECAP forming increases strength due to strong grain refinement in the material structure.

Sputter Targets

Our state-of-the-art sputtertargets. Please ask for customized solutions.

Portal Printing Systems - M3DP

For material development we have set up several portal based systems with and without protective …

Sintering Services

Let us know about your demands on sintering of metals or ceramics.

Inductive Hot Pressing

Rapid densification and identification of relevant sintering parameters.

Thermal Treatments

Various furnaces are available for treating your samples.

Small Series Production

Complex shaped metal and ceramic parts in small and large series.

Volume Production

Powder Injection Moulding (PIM, CIM, MIM) as an excellent technology for mass production

Additive Manufacturing

RHP-Technology has several AM systems for additive manufacturing of large metal components …

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Technologies gain industrial visibility!

Acquisition of R&D Funding

Targeted acquisition of funding to minimize the risk of innovative research and development tasks

High-tech series components

Realize economically and production-technically optimized series components for high-tech …

Product Optimization

Collection and verification of economic / functional optimization potential of conventionally …

High Stiffness & Light Weight Metals

We focus on titanium and aluminium alloy based light-weight material systems and composites.

Thermal Composites

Advanced thermal management solutions.

Precision Machining

Final machining for AM parts, in mechanical engineering, in jewelry and many more.

Hot Pressing

High potential for manifold future products, exceeding by far today's market solutions

Material Tuning

For tuning properties of materials according to our customer needs, we use the modular powder …

Upscaling for Mass production

Many products call for high volumes of several million pieces per year, we know how to scale-up!

Sintering Services

Ask for sintering services, in furnaces or hot presses.

Workshops & Training

Interested in new topics, like to learn more technology?