for Thin Film Coatings

RHP develops and manufactures sputtering targets for various fields of application. We serve several target lines for industrial use in optics, electronics, sensors and tribology.

Besides our standard products we also deliver R&D materials and Research Targets to companies, research centers and universities. The basis of our products is mainly by powder technology, either hot pressing or Spark Plasma Sintering or conventional sintering technologies.

Our RHP Team looks in to challenging compositions, customized geometries, higher performance and many more. Please directly ask by sending an email or calling today.

Sputter Targets

Our state-of-the-art sputtertargets. Please ask for customized solutions.

Customized Materials-On-Demand

We deliver beyond state-of-the-art materials for thin film coating. Mainly customized sputtering …

Materials Solutions for Thin Films

Realize customer-specific product and material solutions for thin-film processes

High Entropy Alloys

These are materials consisting of several elements with (almost) the same alloy content.

Material Tuning

For tuning properties of materials according to our customer needs, we use the modular powder …

Spark Plasma Sintering (FAST/SPS)

Fast processing and improved material properties lead to cost efficiency and high productivity.

Amorphous Metals

Metallic glasses belong to a new class of intelligent materials.

NANO structured surfaces

dip-coating or drop-casting with slurries, spray coating and ultrasonic spray coating as well as …

Conventional Hot Pressing

4000 Cycles and still standing strong.

Inductive Hot Pressing

Rapid densification and identification of relevant sintering parameters.

Acquisition of R&D Funding

Targeted acquisition of funding to minimize the risk of innovative research and development tasks

Conductive Ceramics

Tailored properties for ceramics to enhance process performance.

Powder Technology Services

RHP Powder Technology Services

Sintering Services

Ask for sintering services, in furnaces or hot presses.

Workshops & Training

Interested in new topics, like to learn more technology?