for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, etc. Many terms and designations for an innovative new technology!
Additive manufacturing is the term used to describe a number of 3D shaping processes which, compared to conventional technologies, build up material in order to achieve the desired workpiece geometry.

At RHP we operate and develop technologies of this category for miniature components of a few millimeters up to mega components of several meters in size.

Generative technologies unfold special potential when they can be combined with new materials that have been developed specifically for this technology platform—you will find some examples of this at RHP!

Continued Education

Education "addmanu knowledge" leads to certified AM experts

AM Austria Netzwerk

Ziel: zu einer der erfolgreichsten Additive Manufacturing - Kaderschmieden auf unserem Globus zu …

3D printed jewelry

3D printing opens up whole new worlds in jewelry design!

Filament printing

for Metals, Hardmetals and Ceramics

Granules printing

This technology is extruding feedstock pellets as a feeding material to print green parts.

Services for 3D printing and AM

Filament Metal Printing, FFF, FDM or FMP. we offer services for printing, debinding and sintering …

Thermal Treatments

Various furnaces are available for treating your samples.

Filament3Dp Project

3D-Druck in Metall „vom Feinsten“


Ti alloys with tailored oxygen content produced by plasma arc process (OXYgen CONtrol)

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Technologies gain industrial visibility!

Precision Machining

Final machining for AM parts, in mechanical engineering, in jewelry and many more.

Mini Sat Parts

Components for Satellite Propulsion Systems

Applications Showroom

Ti64 Bauteil - Spiegel/Sensor Halterung ATHENA Projekt

Portal Printing Systems - M3DP

For material development we have set up several portal based systems with and without protective …

Sinter HIPing

Gas pressure sintering or sinter HIP to further densify parts

ESA X-Ray Eye

One day this might become the ‘eye’ of ESA’s ATHENA X-ray telescope

Additive Manufacturing

RHP-Technology has several AM systems for additive manufacturing of large metal components …

Rob4M Project

Der Bereich der additiven Fertigung ist ein „hype“ Thema, wo derzeit sehr viele Initiativen …

Acquisition of R&D Funding

Targeted acquisition of funding to minimize the risk of innovative research and development tasks

Additive Technologies

Manufacture of generatively manufactured, large components based on plasma arc welding with …

High-tech series components

Realize economically and production-technically optimized series components for high-tech …

High Entropy Alloys

These are materials consisting of several elements with (almost) the same alloy content.

High Stiffness & Light Weight Metals

We focus on titanium and aluminium alloy based light-weight material systems and composites.

Metallic Glasses

Metallic glasses show the typical metallic light reflection. Untrained eyes can't distinguish them …

Powder Technology Services

RHP Powder Technology Services

Material Tuning

For tuning properties of materials according to our customer needs, we use the modular powder …

Sintering Services

Ask for sintering services, in furnaces or hot presses.

Workshops & Training

Interested in new topics, like to learn more technology?