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RHP-Technology GmbH


Thin Film Materials - Sputtering Targets

We offer the customized fabrication of targets for sputtering, arc deposition and other thin film deposition techniques with special compositions. Learn more about our targets on demand.

DiaCOOL - Advanced Thermal Management

Metal-Diamond composites were developed by RHP for advanced cooling and high performance thermal management. Our materials exhibit high thermal conductivity and an customizeable low coefficient of thermal expansion. Copper, Aluminium or Silver based DiaCOOL heatsinks and heatspreaders.

Ceramic and Metal Injection Moulding

Discover our expertise in powder injection moulding, including and metals and ceramic materials. Besides PIM products and full process development we also offer sintering services for your injection moulded parts in metals and ceramics. RHP-Technology supports with process know how and material expertise for realizing your specific requirements.  see our website for more detailed information.


Services in Hot Pressing and Advanced Sintering

With 15 years of experience and know-how in powder technology and hot pressing our team develops advanced materials for your innovative applications. RHP-Technology combines theoretical understanding and technical production as a one-stop-shop for industry.